Where’s the glory in repeating what others have done?

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PJO AU | Percy is in the Olympus Games, where the demigods have to fight till the death to see which god is the most powerfull

She has the most beautiful eyes. And now, starring at me, that just sounds worse because I have to kill her. Poseidon is now watching us. After that scene of blood and deaths closer to the Cornucopia, I knew that I had to be one of the careers (children of the Big Tree).  We are from the same camp. I don’t know if I can kill her.
But I just couldn’t kill her. Like Chiron told us: “They need a winner.” And Rachel needed me. I have to win. This isn’t my choice. 
She’s starring at me with those grey amazing eyes. Her breathe was hard, like she’s waiting for the death.
“You’re Annabeth, right?”
She nods. I give her sword back.
She looks confused.
“I… Why would you want me as ally?”
“You’re smart. This is useful. Why wouldn’t YOU want ME as ally?”
She breathe.
“You’re a career.”
“I should be, but I’m not.”
Annabeth looks more confused now. After some seconds, she nods.
“Well… You saved my life.”
“I just didn’t kill you.”
She takes her sword and starts following me.

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